Sleeveat - the ultimate way to lose weight

or Leave it!

What is Sleeveat?
  • Sleeveat is the ultimate diet product, made of Pistachiocarbonat™, developed in our labs. It is tasteless, has no smell, unnoticeable and 100% safe for use.
  • Sleeveat is easy to use: install the elastic sleeve on your tongue and swallow its back part right into your esophagus.
  • Sleeveat's Nano-Holes technology "keeps" anything you eat, and only filters important ingredients into your stomach. No need to worry about losing vitamins and minerals your body needs.
  • Sleeveat is eco-friendly. At the end of each meal, you just pull Sleeveat out of your mouth, empty it into the toilet, wash and dry it, then it’s just ready for your next meal!

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Using Sleeveat is easy!

Place Sleeveat in your mouth, with its sleeve part backwards. Enter the tongue to its special elastic hole
Swallow Sleeveat’s back part by drinking a whole cup of water. That's it, Sleeveat is ready for use!
Eat and drink as much as you can, enjoy life and food without limits!
When done, pull Sleeveat out of your mouth and take your tongue out of the elastic hole. Then empty Sleeveat to the toilet, wash it with water and let it dry for an hour. You can reuse Sleeveat up to 100 times!
"I was pretty suspicious when first trying Sleeveat.
I was scared of unpleasant situations, or aftertaste, or even of simply not being able to use it. All my fears are gone, and so is the fat!" Nicole Alice
"Obviously, I wasn't a believer, and was afraid to put such a thing inside my body, but right after the first time I couldn't imagine my life without Sleeveat! It's barely there, and allows me to enjoy limitless eating" Joe Spector
"With Sleeveat I go on with my life like nothing happened, enjoying both eating as usual and losing weight! And my blood tests show perfect results. All the good things in our food stay in my body thanks to those nano-holes in Sleeveat, and I'm at my best!" Andre Waters
"As a child to not-so-thin parents, and as a bit overweight girl myself, I luckily discovered Sleeveat, and after a week convinced my parents to try it too. Today, only two months later, people in out community ask what's our secret... I'm happy again, and can't wait to meet Mr. right!" Sophie Jackman
"Before using Sleeveat, I weighted as much as 257 pounds. Today, less than 3 months later, I'm 187 pounds and it's just the beginning! Oh, and those minerals and vitamins I was worried about? Thanks to Sleeveat's advanced nano-technology which makes sure they stay in my body, I'm all safe and healthy!" Bridget Thompson

APRIL 2014

MARCH 2014